Private Consultations

Psychic Mediumship

On line 1 hour session £80.00

Searching for clarity and guidance as you navigate life’s journey? Look no further. Drawing upon the wisdom of your soul and spirit team. I offer insights into aspects of your life, such as career, love and home life etc. Acting as a bridge between realms, I also facilitate communication with departed loved ones when needed. In our consultation, I blend together these elements. Sometimes, the focus is on your life’s journey, purpose, or well being. Whilst at other times, I am more attuned to the Spirit World. Ultimately it is your soul and the spirit world that guides me. I may use Tarot cards to enrich our session.
Book your online session today via the contact page. If the times in the diary are unsuitable you can reach out and contact me by email or fill out the form to schedule your reading. A Zoom link is sent to you once payment is made prior to your reading.

In Person Reading

Consultation £115

The College of Psychic Studies
16 Queensberry Place,
London SW72EB

Mentoring sessions

On line 1 hr session £80.00

Are you ready to deepen your connection with your inner wisdom and strengthen your spiritual abilities? Welcome to a mentoring experience tailored to your unique needs and aspirations.
In these personalised sessions, I guide you on a journey to develop your intuition, psychic abilities, or mediumistic gifts. Whether you’re seeking to enhance your intuitive insights, refine your psychic senses, or establish a connection with your Spirit Guide, I provide the support and guidance you need to flourish.
These mentoring sessions are designed for individuals who have already embarked on a spiritual path and are ready to take their practice to the next level. Through a combination of practical exercises, insightful discussions, and personalised guidance, we work together to nurture and expand your innate spiritual gifts.
Invest in your spiritual growth today by booking a block of three sessions for £190.

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